100 Hours in New York City – Day 3

Day 3 is a day of New York icons – Wall Street, the Brooklyn Bridge, and a pastrami sandwich from Katz’s Delicatessen.  (Note: This itinerary also involves a food tour as a suggested way of getting a local’s take on the Brooklyn foodie scene.)

Take the subway down to Bowling Green, and check out the views of the Statue of Liberty and the ferries from New York Harbor.

Work your way up Broadway and explore the Financial District.  Look for hints of its history as the Dutch settlement of New Amsterdam and signs of colonial history, as well as more modern landmarks like the Charging Bull and One World Trade Center.

Keep walking up Broadway until you reach Wall Street, where you’ll find Trinity Church to your left, and the New York Stock Exchange to your right.

On Wall Street, you’ll find the NYSE at 11 Wall Street, . . .

. . . as well as Federal Hall (where George Washington was inaugurated) and the former headquarters of JP Morgan Bank (which still shows damage from the 1920 Morgan Bank bombing).

Continue down Wall Street.

Abandon your inner Gordon Gekko for your inner hipster (or Girls character of choice) and make your way over to the Brooklyn Bridge.



It’s a bit of a walk to the bridge, and across the bridge, but trust me, you’ll be happy you walked to Brooklyn, given the food adventure you’re about to embark upon.  I signed up for Urban Oyster’s Neighborhood Eats Tour – Brownstone Brooklyn, which was fantastic!  It was a great way to explore South Brooklyn streets and eats.  Our guide, Joe, was very knowledgeable and friendly, and there were only six of us in the tour, lending to a personal and conversational group experience.  Also noteworthy, aside from my husband and me, the other two couples were Manhattanites.  Suffice it to say, we did not feel like tourists!

After an afternoon of tasting the local offerings of South Brooklyn, hail a cab north to Williamsburg to explore the shops of Bedford Avenue and grab a couple of drinks.

For drinks, Maison Premiere is the coolest bar I’ve been to in a long time.  The nondescript exterior necessarily meant that I passed it twice.  Once inside, it was like stepping into 1920s Paris.  With a vast list of oysters and absinthe cocktails, dim lighting, and classic jazz playing in the background, I could have spent the entire evening here.  I have a strong aversion to absinthe, but the bartender was able to recommend an absinthe drink that I did, indeed, love.  Only in Brooklyn could impeccably clad hipsters accomplish this charming journey through time without pretension.

If you can get yourself to actually leave Maison Premiere, make your second drink stop in Williamsburg the more laid back Spuyten Duyvil bar, where you’ll find your choice of obscure beers on tap from which to choose.


Notwithstanding the filling afternoon food tour, after a day of walking across Lower Manhattan, the Brooklyn Bridge, and around Brooklyn, I was in just the mood for a famous pastrami sandwich from Katz’s Delicatessen.

I can’t say I had what she (Meg Ryan) had, but the pastrami sandwich was delicious.  It is definitely large enough to share with a friend and, as the guy at the front door will tell you, order at the counter if it’s your first time!




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