Free to Be 5-Free

Today, there are so many 5-free nail polishes available, there’s no reason not to be good to your nails and go 5-free.  5-free nail polishes are state of the art, non-toxic formulas, made without dibutyl, phthalate, toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and camphor.

Here are my 5-free faves, ranging from around $8-$18 a pop.



Smith & Cult is my favorite 5-free brand, hands down!  The coverage is great, it goes on smooth, and the selection of colors is vast.  (They also make an excellent lip gloss.)

Clockwise: Pillow Pie, Dark Like Me, The Graduate, Stockholm Syndrome, Bitter Buddhist


Jin Soon is also a great brand for full coverage.  The Jin Soon top coat is long-lasting, and keeps my nail game strong for 5-7 days.

Left to Right: Debonair, Top Gloss, Coquette, Nostalgia


NCLA Los Angeles also has great coverage and lasts for days.

Bikinis and Martinis


A more cost-conscious choice is ZOYA, which has pretty good coverage and I’ve seen it used at my favorite non-toxic nail salon.

Left to Right: Brooklyn, Cole, Rocha, Lux

All of these brands offer great coverage, lots of color options, and are cheaper than a pedicure.




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