Where I Want to Be — Todos Santos (Mexico)

It’s another rainy weekend here in Oakland and, after scrolling through a neverending stream of NYC-covered-in-snow Instagram posts, I found myself daydreaming about warmer climates.  Since I – and a good amount of the country – could use a reminder of what the sun looks like, today’s post is about sunny Mexico.  More specifically, Todos Santos (Baja Sur) in the springtime…


The drive out to Todos Santos is pretty dramatic (and I’m not talking about the jeeps with men in the back holding machine guns).  We flew into Los Cabos and drove past all the large resorts in Cabos San Lucas (that we were purposely avoiding, of course), then its just highway for some time, followed by large open spaces filled with cacti and the backdrop of mountains, and then we found ourselves in the town of Todos Santos.  We drove through town, then onto a long white sand road, and when we thought we’d nearly hit the end of the road, there was Villa Santa Cruz.  We pulled up to the beautifully designed Villa and were greeted with some “welcome” margaritas and knew instantly this trip was going to be awesome . . . and it was!

This trip was a great way to unplug and unwind.  Highlights of the trip included amazing villa owners (Matt and Jessica rock!), great homemade food at the villa and restaurants in town boasting fresh seafood, massages and cooking lessons arranged to be onsite at the villa, and snorkeling with sea lions and whale sharks in nearby La Paz.  Muy bueno!!
Where is your favorite place to escape cold weather?

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