Why Not…Stay In? Products to Help You Recuperate & Rejuvenate

I’ve bought a few Birchbox Limited Edition boxes and have loved every one of them, and the Why Not…Stay In? box  — which focuses on staying in for some much-needed self-pampering “me” time — is no exception!  Perfect for a rainy spring day or lazy Sunday!


Sadly, this box is currently sold out on the website, but many of the products are available individually and, while this box features so many great products, I’ll focus on just a few.


The day my box came, I had noted that my cuticles had become hardened and sensitive to the touch.  I was so excited to receive Kocostar Nail Therapy finger masks, that I tried them that evening!  You put a little mask on each fingertip and leave on for 30 to 60 minutes.  I put on an episode of my current binge-watching obsession and let the finger masks do their job.  I noticed afterward that my cuticles had softened.  Mission accomplished!

After giving your nails some much-needed therapy, keep them healthy and strong with Nails Inc. Nailkale Superfood Base Coat and Nail Polish (Westbourne Park Road pictured below).  The Base Coat was fast-drying (in under one minute!) and really looks quite polished and nice worn on its own.


The Stephanie Johnson Eye Mask was one of the reasons I bought this box. This lightweight eye mask with soft elastic band allowed me to catch up on some much needed post-daylight-savings Zzzzs.


One of my favorite parts of getting a facial is having cool magical masks and serums gently brushed on to my face.  So, I was really intrigued by Wei Mutlitask Multi-Mask Collection, which comes with three different masks and an applicator brush.

The individual mask pods are generous in size, providing way more than I need to get a good, thick layer on my face.  Applying the masks with the brush felt so luxurious — definitely the closest I’ve ever gotten to an “at home spa” experience.  The Golden Root Purifying Mud Mask felt cool and calming on my skin.  After a few minutes, it began to tingle (just a little bit), in the sort of way that feels like its working.  The light fragrance was very therapeutic.  My skin felt soft and clean after removal.  The Manuka Bee Venom Mask made my skin feel invigorated and firm.  (Beeeeware, this mask contains bee venom, so you might want to avoid this product if you are allergic.)  The Brown Sugar Ready Glow Exfoliating Mask is a mild exfoliating mask that you leave on your skin for just a few minutes, then add water and massage into your skin until the sugar melts. My skin felt so soft after using the exfoliating mask.  Definitely the best home facials I’ve had!

What is your pampering ritual?



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