ADA Collection – One Belt, Many Styles!

I heart my ADA Collection wrap belt!

Full disclosure, I learned about ADA Collection when I met the designer at a mutual friend’s party.  She was sporting one of her wrap belts, and I was immediately in awe of the versatile belt (not to mention the lady behind it)!

I’ve worn my black wrap belt both to the office and with casual dresses.  I’ve also used it to cinch blazers, baggy sweaters, and button-down shirts.  The belt is a great way to add a polished look to your outfit and to help create shape in looser garments.  Depending on how you style the belt, you can take it from office to cocktail hour to weekend music festival (this wrap belt in cognac screams festival!).    IMG_0423

The wrap belt is elegantly designed — a flat wide middle with tapered ends.  But the styling possibilties are probably endless.

Above, going clockwise, the belt is styled:

  • rosette knot
  • loop knot
  • tie knot
  • ocho

. . . and there are other ways to style it too!

I’ve never been a big belt-wearer, but the wrap belt has quickly become a travel essential.  It’s so versatile, I bring it everywhere, knowing it can complete a number of looks!

I can’t wait to try one of the non-wrap belts or clutches.

Be sure to check out ADA Collection!  How do you style your wrap belt?



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