May Beauty Hacks

Today’s post features two products I recently purchased that I quickly realized are game changers!

They both have to do with hair — the hair you want and the hair you don’t want.


The Beachwaver Co. The WRAP UP™ is a quick fix for someone trying to master a bun, whether a top knot or low bun.  I’ve never been very good when it comes to buns, and I have a lot of hair that I generally keep below shoulder-length.  The Wrap Up comes in different colors for different hair colors.  Slip your hair through the slot, then wind up or down (depending on where you want your bun), tuck the ends of The Wrap Up in, arrange the hair to cover The Wrap Up, and voila!  Easy bun!  (You may need one or two bobby pins to keep your hair in place over the foam.)

Now, onto the hair you wish would disappear.  If do threading, you might like the Smooth Finish Facial Hair Remover by Tweezerman.  We already know Tweezerman for its precise tweezers and this tool does not disappoint!  Use this tool where you would generally get threaded, either to avoid the threading bar altogether, or for maintenance in between threadings.  You place the tip of the coil flush with the area you wish to attend to, roll the handles, and gently pull away.  Eyebrows DONE!  There is a little bit of a learning curve with this one, but I picked it up after one use.

What are your favorite beauty hacks?



One thought on “May Beauty Hacks

  1. Just bought some texturizing spray to try out for beach waves and styling and have been loving the emjoi divine epilator and clean + easy personal roll on wax remover both from Sally’s Beauty Supply!


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