Sunday Sudsday

Taking a bubble bath is one of my favorite ways to unwind!  I don’t do it nearly enough, but every time I do, I could spend hours in the tub.  Warm suds, a glass of wine, some scented candles, relaxing music, and a good book make for a fabulously easy (and inexpensive!) mini-escape.

Calgon, take me away!


The two bath formulas I’ve been using lately are ones I received as gifts.  They are both spa-worthy, in my opinion, and provide two great options at different price points!

The L’Occitane Lavender Foaming Bath smells like I am laying in a field of lavender.  Close your eyes and you’re in Provence!  The very natural-smelling lavender scent is very calming.  After use, my skin feels soft and smells lightly of lavender.

At a lower price point, the Bath & Body Works Eucalyptus Spearmint Body Wash & Foam Bath is really soothing and luxorious!  I tend to associate eucalyptus scent exclusively with spas, so this one definitely makes me feel like I’m splurging!  The scent is both calming and invigorating.  Used as a body wash, you need only a little to work up a nice lather.  Whether using as a bubble bath or body wash, this foam bath will leave your entire bathroom smelling like a spa!

What are your favorite bath products?  Comment below!



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