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In the new year, I am committed to taking better care of myself and that includes my skin!  To that end, I’m excited to share three of my new favorite products for face.

The first product is a gel face mask, perfect for soothing and hydrating skin.  The Erno Laszlo Sensitive Hydrogel Mask is the most luxurious face mask I’ve used to date.  The first thing I noticed was that it smells like roses, which I adore.  This a gel mask, so it is nice and sturdy and feels smooth and cool on the skin.  The mask also comes in two parts — one for the top of your face and one for the bottom — which allows a better fit for your face.  No more running around the house with your nose in the wrong place!  Just wearing the mask felt very therapeutic.  After removal, my skin felt soft and hydrated.  Not a cheap mask, but waaaaaay cheaper than a spa treatment!  This mask was just the right amount of gentle on my sensitive skin.  I guess there’s a reason Aubrey Hepburn said, “50 percent of my beauty I owe to my mother, 50 percent to Erno Laszlo.”


The second product is a refreshing mist that can be used on clean skin, to set makeup, or to refresh throughout the day.  I’ve been using the REN Flash Defence Anti-Pollution Mist on days where I haven’t worn make up and I was impressed by how soft and hydrated my skin felt on these cold winter days!

The third product is a highlighting cream like none other I’ve used.  The Beauty Crop Lighting Crew Highlighting Cream looks like liquid rose gold.  The tiniest bit goes a long way.  I have applied both under and over makeup, with good results, to add a rosy glow to upper cheekbones, along the brow bone, ridge of nose, etc.  Because the highlighter has a rose gold tint, it didn’t look frosty on my skin the way some highlighters can.  I am excited to try this one in larger quantities come summer!

Have you tried any new skin products in the new year?  Comment below and share!



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