Happy New Hair!

In the new year, I’ve already gotten a new ‘do.  This year, I plan to stick to styling my hair, but it doesn’t mean I need to spend hours on it!


My haircut contemplates textured, uneven waves.  OUAI Wave Spray is a great way for me to keep my resolution.  For days I don’t want to take a round brush and curling wand to my hair, I can apply this weightless wave spray for textured, messy waves.  I spray some in, tousle, and then either let my hair air dry or blow dry the roots and tousle if I’m in a rush.  Unlike some other wave sprays, this spray isn’t sticky, which I really like, and its got hold while allowing for natural movement.

When heat styling to achieve waves and to set my new bangs, I love using this R+Co Outer Space Flexible Hairspray.  The spray has great hold, without feeling heavy or making hair crunchy.  Hair remains flexible and restylable after use.  On top of all that, this spray allows hair to move naturally, which is a must for perfectly imperfect wavy hair!

Move over Botticelli, we’re making waves here!

What are your favorite products to achieve waves?  Comment below to share!



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