Eyes on LOCdown

I am so excited to write about these LOC One & Done eye shadow sticks!  I had already tried out two before (read here and here), so I was excited to purchase a set.  These budget-friendly easy-to-use shadow sticks have become my go-to for eyes, whether for a quick swipe across my lash line or a more complex look.

Here, I bought the LOC Complete Tati Collection for Eyes, which comes with five One & Done Shadow sticks and a sharpener, which is a plus!


These shadow sticks are so easy to use.  They have great pigment and stay power.  Swipe color on to your eyelid or lash line.  Blend with your fingers immediately after application, then the color stays put!  These shadow sticks are great for an easy daytime look, or for use together to build a more dramatic eye.  They are also great for travel because you don’t have to worry about packing eye shadow brushes, blender sponges, etc.

From top to bottom: Day Trip, Nite Owl, Smoke Screen, Impress Me, On Point

I love the colors included in the set and I use every one of them.  On Point and Day Trip are light and shimmery champagne and copper hues, great for use on lids.  Nite OwlSmoke Screen, and Impress Me, which are purple, gray, and dark rose gold hues, look great used as eye liner or in the creases of lids.

Between their price and performance, these shadow sticks are definitely a game changer in the eye shadow world!

Have you tried eye shadow sticks?  What are your favorites?



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