Gettin’ Cheeky with Glossier Cloud Paint

I’m so excited to share the new Cloud Paint blush by Glossier that premiered on the Oscars Red Carpet and seen on the likes of Chrissy Teigen and Taraji P. Henson.  When the product officially launched the first week of March, I had to try it!  Cloud Paint comes in four shades — DuskPuff, Beam, and Haze.  I purchased Dusk, which was apparently used on a number of starlets of different skin tones, and is sort of a rose-pink color with brown undertones.


The cream formula is really easy to apply.  I applied a very small amount on my cheeks, then patted and blended using my fingertips.  Other cream blushes I’ve used in the past don’t blend very well and have left my cheeks either looking spotty or doll-faced.  But this formula goes on smoothly.  It is sheer and buildable so I don’t have those problems.  I really like the Dusk shade (shown below on my inner wrist).  It was a perfect fit for my skin tone, but it also seems like a shade that would look good on others.

JPEG image-06BF79258229-1


Have you tried Glossier’s Cloud Paint yet?  What do you think?



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